Cobblestone Hotels

3-12-20: Regretfully, Cobblestone Hotels 2020 Conference is cancelled. Since our last correspondence earlier today, more developments have been made, including the closure of Walt Disney World theme parks. Your safety and health is of the utmost importance to us, thus, cancelling the event.


3-13-20: As you can imagine the last twenty-four hours have been a whirlwind. Last night you should have received the notification on the cancellation of the Cobblestone Hotels 2020 Conference. We felt it was important to get that notification out to you in a timely manner and understand it did not have as much information as we would have liked to include. Please read on for further instruction:


• Hotel Reservations: Disney has requested that Cobblestone Hotels handles the mass hotel reservation cancellation of our group and any reservations under our group. This has been completed. Disney will be crediting all funds in the original payment form. (!) If you are still planning on visiting Florida, and do need that reservation, call Disney's Reservation line and they will gladly reinstate it at the current rate.


• Theme Park Tickets: Disney is not offering refunds currently. They stated they are extending the theme park tickets until December 15, 2020, and after that, the amount you paid can be used as a credit towards future use after that date. For more information, please reach out to Disney.


• Support: Disney is currently bogged down with thousands of calls, since I am handling the cancellation of hotel reservations, we recommend waiting until next week if you had questions that do not require an immediate response.


• Conference Registration Refund: We will be issuing these refunds within the next thirty days in the original payment form.


• Partners: We will be reaching out to you all individually in the next several days.


• Questions: Please understand we are getting large amounts of emails and phone calls and are moving through these as quickly as possible. We encourage you to email with any questions.


Kindest Regards, Cobblestone Hotels Team